Commercial Roof Inspections

While a commercial roof can last up to 20 years when installed and maintained well, roof inspections are critical to the lifespan and performance of your roof. A professional roof inspection from 1st Choice Roofing & Construction will help to ensure your roof lasts longer and performs better. We provide roof inspections in Houston and surrounding areas.

Simple, routine maintenance can make a big difference in how long your roof lasts and the amount of money spent on unnecessary and preventable repairs. Our certified roof technicians are veteran assessors with a deep knowledge of available commercial roofing systems and extensive experience identifying common problems and areas of concern.

A Thorough Roof Inspection: A Smart Business Move

In addition to extending the serviceable life of your roof, we provide yearly projections so you can accurately budget for future repairs. Worried about downtime? There’s no need. Our crews can work at night so your business can remain open during the day!

Your roof inspection will include photos, a written report, and a consultation to discuss the condition of your roof and the recommended solutions. Preserving the quality and performance of your commercial roofing system through regular evaluations and maintenance is a simple and effective way to protect your investment. Armed with our information, you can identify and resolve potential problems before they deteriorate past the point of a routine repair. We’ll identify existing and developing leaks, cracks, tears, weak spots, and any other issues with your roof.

1st Choice Annual Roof Inspections in Houston

At 1st Choice Roofing & Construction, we recommend commercial roof inspections every year. Our team of roof inspectors can evaluate your roof, determining what – if anything – is affecting its overall performance, as well as address any ongoing issues. 1st Choice Roofing & Construction provides affordable, convenient and experienced roof inspections for projects of all sizes.

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