Maintenance Agreements

Maximize the life of your roof with our strategic Maintenance Plans. Periodic inspections and routine maintenance to correct deficient conditions can significantly increase the long term service life of any roof system. A regularly scheduled maintenance program will avoid expensive emergency costs that can arise without maintenance.

Professional Complementary Roof Assessments

Our Commercial Service Agreements provide our clients with a complementary roof assessment that identifies the current condition of their roof, any current issues with the roof and its remaining lifespan, so clients can plan and budget for any capital roof replacement projects. Once we assess the roof and have made an accurate diagnosis, we will provide a Maintenance Package customized to their roof’s specific needs. After the initial roof deficiencies have been addressed, we then offer to assess the property on an annual basis.


All of our roof assessments are electronically filed in our client portal called Encompass (Integrated Roof Management System), which can be easily accessed by our clients. The client portal provides a comprehensive view of roof assessments as well as invoices for any services that we provide. Customers who participate in 1st Choice Roofing’s Annual Maintenance Program will be issued a user name and password to access this client portal.

Why Roofing Maintenance?

Roofs require regular maintenance to perform properly and to prolong their serviceable life, and having a well-maintained roof reduces the possibility of unexpected leaks or other issues throughout the year. Roofing systems don’t fail overnight. With our reliable and thorough services, you can catch problems before they grow.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Reasons Roofs Fail:

  • Insufficient or lack of professional maintenance
  • Repair neglect
  • Improperly-executed repairs
  • Damage from housekeeping work (such as debris removal)
  • Poor workmanship of original installation
  • Building additions or improvements
  • Change of building use
  • Contaminants or biological growth
  • Vandalism or unintended abuse
  • Thermal expansion and contraction
  • Building movement and settling
  • Animal damage

A proper Roof Maintenance Program can result in thousands of dollars in savings for emergency services or capital expenditures for replacement. It also will reduce tenant complaints and the threat of litigation.

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