Commercial Roofing Services

The roof over your business is your property’s first defense against hail, wind, debris, rain, and the infamous Texas heat. That’s why 1st Choice Commercial Roofing & Construction offers a complete array of services not only to repair and maintain your roofing, but to safeguard your whole property against overlooked or developing damage.

Business & Industrial Roof Service

Every commercial property, even if protected by a high-grade roofing system, requires periodic evaluations and maintenance to preserve performance and minimize unnecessary future expenses. 1st Choice Roofing & Construction provides a full range of commercial roofing services in Greater Houston and the surrounding areas, to support and prolong the life of your roof.

Our services include roof inspections, assessments, roof maintenance, and emergency repairs for roofs of most sizes, ages, and materials.

Available individually or as part of a 1st Choice Maintenance Agreement, we will assess your roof and identify existing problems or potential areas of concern. Upon completion of the roof inspection, we will recommend any necessary repairs or routine maintenance that will improve and extend the lifespan of your commercial roofing system. In the event that a storm or unexpected leak occurs, we also offer 24-hour emergency repair services to minimize any potential interruptions for your business.

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