Houston Metal Roof Installation and Repair

Houston metal roof installation and repair | 1st Choice Commercial Roofing

When you need quality roofing and the latest in business Metal Roof options, 1st Choice Roofing & Construction offers a complete selection of roofing materials to complement our unparalleled customer service, experienced installation, and years of expertise in commercial roofing projects. 1st Choice Commercial Roofs is the premier Houston metal roof installation and repair service.

  • Attractive

    In addition to being extremely durable, metal roofing provides your property with a clean, attractive, and professional look, particularly to properties with a conventional slope or low slope roof.

  • Extremely Long Lasting

    Resistant to leaks, wear, damage, and weathering, Metal Roofing Systems are a solid investment in your property that will save you repair costs and maintainence on down the road. In fact, metal roofs have been known to last 30 to 50+ years with little maintainence.

  • Quick + Easy Installation

    Fast installation means your property will experience as little disruption as possible while our crews beautify and bolster your roof.

  • Fire Resistant

    Metal Roofing is Class A Fire Resistant, which is the highest rating of fire resistance. It can protect your property from catching fire from external sparks. Because metal conducts electricity and is non-combustible, it drastically reduces the likelihood of your property catching fire due to lightening strike.

  • Leak Resistant

    Its interlocking panels and hard slippery surface makes metal roofing nearly impervious to rain and snow.

  • Keeps Property Cooler

    By reflecting radiant heat from the sun, a Metal Roofing System will keep your commercial property cooler during hot summer months, saving you energy and money, and reducing wear and tear on your AC units.

Metal Roofs for Retail & Commercial Buildings in Houston

Metal Roofing is regularly used in commercial and retail buildings because of its durability, variety, and ability to withstand challenging weather conditions. In addition, metal roofs can often be retrofitted over your current roof, making installation that much easier.

All of our Houston commercial metal roofing projects, including environmentally friendly Standing Seam Roofing, include our expert installation, multiple color options, styles and widths, and consultation on the best roofing materials for your project.

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