Our Business Model

Your First Choice for Quality Roofing

Whether you manage one or many commercial properties, your primary goal is minimizing costs while maximizing property values. Roofing is a critical element in both of those.

At 1st Choice Roofing, we are professional commercial roofing repair and replacement contractors serving the greater Houston area. We are also much, much more. We are your Roofing Management Professionals committed to protecting your valuable assets.

Roofing Management should not to be confused with an annual inspection or a simple maintenance contract. Our roofing management services provide continuing, proactive monitoring and evaluation of all your roofing systems so that you always know the condition of your roofing; all issues or deficiencies, what options are available that conform to your budget, and whether your roof’s condition is adding to or reducing the value of your property.

The primary goal of our Roofing Management Service is to maximize the useful life of your roofing and at the lowest lifecycle cost. We don’t just show up to make repairs when leaks appear. Monitoring, understanding, and managing are essential to keep your roof in good condition and keep costs predictable and low over the long-term.

We do this for all of your properties by compiling detailed data and information in our state-of-the-art roofing management program, Encompass. This makes available a profile and the current status of every one of your roofs for your review anytime online. Our Encompass system identifies current deficiencies and potential problems, repair options, any critical issues and then offers you recommended corrective actions with budgets to maximize useful life and minimize costs. You always know exactly where you stand with all your roofs from an expense perspective, making 1st Choice your smart choice.

Most preventive maintenance programs follow the manufacturer’s recommendations with little consideration given to your roof’s particular condition, situation and needs. Encompass provides an expert, individual assessment and analysis to create a customized maintenance program for your roofs type, age, condition, special circumstances and requirements. This gives your roof the optimum care it needs rather than what it might or might not need.

Most importantly, when you work with 1st Choice Roofing, all roofing services, assessments, inspections and consultations are performed by our experienced, trained and certified professionals, not some third-party subcontractor.

Many of our clients begin to realize cost savings in as little as 6 months after starting to use our Encompass program. This is the way that we have saved many of our multi-facility clients millions of dollars in roofing costs. We would love to do the same for you.

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